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About the IRU World Congress

The new global event for road transport, mobility and logistics

Road transport is increasingly digital, connected and automated. The revolution is only just beginning. 

We are bringing the road transport industry together in Muscat, with business, government and thought leaders, to debate the big challenges and the big opportunities.

What does the future hold?

Together, we’ll address the big questions, and give you tools to build your business strategy to exploit those opportunities.

How can the industry embrace and prosper from new technology, innovation and fresh business models? Will automation mean the end of mode discrimination? How can we best work with regulators and politicians to enhance trade and connectivity? How can we attract, and retain, the right people to work in our industry? What will urban mobility look like in five, or fifty years’ time? Will diesel continue to fuel the industry, or is there a realistic solution on the horizon for heavy vehicle transport? 

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Why Oman?

At the heart of the Gulf Cooperation Council and a major player in the Middle East, Oman straddles new trading routes between Asia, Africa and Europe. 

An up and coming logistics hub, Oman is also in the midst of reforming its public transport regulation and services. This beautiful country is the ideal setting to experience first-hand how road transport is shaping the region and the wider world. 

On top of that, Muscat is stunning. It’s both a modern and a historic city, with excellent direct transport links to the region and major cities in Europe and Asia. And the weather in November is perfect: 25°C and bright sunshine.

Venue and practical information


Who's coming?

  • Government – transport ministries, trade officials, customs and mobility authorities and regulators
  • Business – transport operators, multinational and regional logistics firms, major industry suppliers, and major transport users
  • International organisations – UN agencies in transport and trade, multilateral organisations and NGOs
  • National and regional road transport associations, covering both passenger and goods services
  • Senior level representatives from the Gulf Cooperation Countries, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and elsewhere
  • Media – trade and business media from the region and beyond

About the organisers


Road transport drives economies, helps communities prosper and fuels growth in our modern world. But the industry is at a crossroads. Transport is changing more quickly than ever before, becoming increasingly digital, connected and automated. And where there is change, there is opportunity.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the IRU World Congress 2018 in Muscat, Oman. For more than half a century, IRU has been at the heart of road transport. Our members represent nearly one million commercial transport and logistics operators around the world. 

This reach, from the ground up, positions us to work with you – the industry’s leaders – in Muscat in IRU’s 70th year to map out the transformation of transport, personal mobility and trade.

The industry’s future depends on it.


Umberto de Pretto
IRU Secretary General


ASYAD is the premier provider of integrated logistics services in Oman.

We manage a diverse portfolio that includes free zones, ports, transport, and logistics support services companies. We also implement the National Logistics Strategy that is transforming Oman into a global hub for logistics.

We warmly welcome all private and public stakeholders of the world road transport community to join the IRU World Congress 2018 and to benefit from doing business with Oman and our regional partners.


Abdulrahman Al Hatmi
Group Chief Executive

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